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Brewery Tap, Bishop Street

Bishop St Towards Burges 1905 This was part of a sale by auction in 1847. The premises auctioned comprised a residence, malting offices, a compact brewery and a public house known as the Brewery Tap, all opposite the wharf in Bishop Street. The sale was due to the bankruptcy of Jordan, White and Aldridge. Also for auction were - New Inn, Exhall George and Dragon, Atherstone Royal George, Grandborough Hop Pole, Emscote Bell, Keresley Dun Cow, Southam Barley Mow, Stockton General Wolfe, Foleshill Grapes, Radford
The New Inn, Exhall; George and Dragon, Atherstone; Royal George, Grandborough; Bell, Keresley and Barley Mow, Stockton were all in Ratliff's estate when it merged with Phillips & Marriott in 1899, so this entry appears to refer to the Coventry Brewery in Leicester Row. The Brewery Tap is thought to have closed c1852


1850 John Jordan to May 1852 John Knibb May to Oct 1852 William Payne from Oct 1852 James Froggett


1847 John Jordan
Brewery Tap
Street plan of 1851
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