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Canal Tavern, 5 Leicester Row

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Canal Tavern Leicester Row This pub was named from its proximity to the Coventry Canal, and it probably dates from a period when the canal was quite a novelty. In 1835 this was recorded as the BEERHOUSE, Leicester Row. In 1844 the seventeen month old daughter of the licensee, Robert Golsby, was found dead in the tavern. Her nurse-girl, Susannah Jarvis, who was under 13 years of age, was accused of her wilful murder, but found not guilty at her trial. The deed occured whilst Mrs Golsby was putting her 4 year old daughter to bed. Interestingly, at the same time her third daughter, Anne, aged just 9, was left to tend the bar! In 1879 the pub was purchased by Phillips & Marriott and in 1899 they valued it at £4,500. From 1955 it was referred to as a hotel and it closed c1963.


1835 - 1841 Robert Golsby 1850 - 1851 Charles Spicer 1861 Sophia Spicer 1868 Arthur Birch 1871 - 1874 Luther Drakeford 1879 John Deeming 1881 William Thompson 1886 - 1891 F. Bushill 1894 - 1896 J. Keatley 1897 - 1916 John Payne (and Amelia) 1916 - 1921 Daniel Hopkins 1921 - 1924 William Sagar manager 1926 - 1929 W. Statham 1931 - 1940 T. Bates 1955 - 1957 Harold A. Allen 1960s Dennis McCallum (see below) also see Courthouse Inn and Meriden Tavern
Canal Tavern
Street plan of 1851
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