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Cheylesmore inn, 60 Greyfriars Lane

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1756c1896 (1909?)BELL, BLUEBELL
Bell Greyfriars La The name comes from the local district of Cheylesmore. In 1896 this pub was leased by Phillips & Marriott for the life of Mrs. Sarah Harris and in 1914 it was purchased by them for the sum of £2,000. In 1935 it was advertising Bass on draught and in bottles and it must have closed by 1939 as that is when the new Cheylesmore Inn opened on Daventry Road. It appears that the Cheylesmore was previously known as the Bell, although the two names appear to have overlapped between c1896 and 1909. The photo on the left shows The Bell opposite Ford's Hospital in Greyfriars Lane some time in the late 1800s.


1874 George Hollick 1890 - 1896 G. Barnett 1898 - 1905 Jonathan Roberts 1905 - 1906 Walter Ebourne 1907 George Knight Driver 1909 Charles Taylor 1910 - 1922 Joseph Smith 1924 - 1934 A. G. Maisey 1935 Patrick Joseph McGreal 1935 Arthur Edward Haymes (see also Woolpack, Spon Street 1939 - 1960)


1896 - 1924 Phillips & Marriott from 1924 Bass
Cheylesmore inn
Street plan of 1893
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