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Cheylesmore inn, Daventry Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Cheylesmore Daventry Rd This pub took its name from the local area of Coventry. It opened in 1939, taking the license of the old Cheylesmore Inn which stood in Greyfriars Lane. During the war an incendiary bomb came through the roof and everyone was exiled to the bottle store where they sat on crates and normal waiter service resumed. There were bell pushes in the gents-only bar but waiter service did not last long after the war. In 1982 it was described as a typical fifties estate pub! Only 11 years out there, lads. Also that it had a Victorian style interior in contrast to the previous Wild West interior. The pub was demolished in 2006 and the site left empty until being redeveloped as a supermarket c2014.


1955 - 1957 Abraham Hammond 1960 - 1962 A. J. Williams 1983 Danny Bedding
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