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General Wolfe, Foleshill Road

Alternative Addresses:Old Leicester Road, The Heath
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Photo James Wolfe (1727 - 1759) commanded the expedition against Quebec. He forced an open battle with the French under Montcalm on the Heights of Abraham, winning a victory that was decisive in giving New France to England. Both he and Montcalm were killed in the battle. This pub is first rcorded in 1793 when auctions were held there. At this time it was a cottage pub. Between 1859 and 1862 it was renamed the TRAVELLERS' REST. The pub was rebuilt c 1895 in a grand style. According to the 'Buildings of Coventry' by George Demidowicz, it is a 'close and detailed study of the Tudor-Jacobean style with richly decorated triangular and Dutch gables, an octagonal corner turret and dome, two-storey bay windows and finely sculpted classical doorways'. Interestingly Mr Demidowicz states that 'Terracotta....was not used extensively in Coventry'. I wonder if that is so or if the majority of the terraccotta buildings in Coventry disappeared with the blitz and redevelopement? In the 1950s, the Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes used to meet at "the Wolfe". In the 1970s under Ken Brown's residency it was the venue for serious music lovers hosting such bands as U2, The Eurythmics and Robert Plant. In 2011 the pub closed and became an Indian restaurant called Mushtaq's. This was closed by environmental health officials in 2012 when their demands to improve standards were not met. One of its owners, Abbar Jan, was found to have four previous convictions for food hygene offences in Birmingham and had been banned from having any involvement in the running of a food business. It will open again as Toro's Steakhouse in the summer of 2015.


LICENSEES: (GENERAL WOLFE) 1835 Joseph Adcock 1841 Edward Elton 1850 - 1868 Thomas Jones 1874 - 1880 Richard Green & shoemaker 1888 - 1900 William Carpenter 1903 - 1913 Elijah Strong 1919 Frank Garner 1921 - 1922 Elijah Strong 1921 - 1936 A. C. Marden (or Maiden) 1937 - 1940 P. Weston
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