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George, Near Gosford Bars

Alternative Addresses:Near Gosford Bars, Outside Gosford Gate
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This name originally referred to St. George, the patron saint of England (though he is often coupled with the dragon). Since 1714, George has been a kingly name in England, six different kings having borne it. In 1563 see SAINT GEORGE. The pub is then mentioned in a document of 1625, lately occupied by J. Bailiss, now held by W. Hopkins, gent. In 1650 it was occupied by Jane Hopkins, widow. No doubt she was the widow of W. Hopkins. In 1680 it was let to Richard Hopkins and in 1725 is referred to as the former George Inn, yet it is then mentioned in 1756 and 1781 before becoming the George and Dragon. Gosford St 1912 Fry
Gosford Street 1912.


LICENSEES: (the SAINT GEORGE) 1625 W. Hopkins 1650 Jane Hopkins LICENSEES: (the GEORGE & DRAGON) 1828 - 1829 Samuel Adkins 1829 - 1835 William Beaumont 1841 - 1845 Thomas Cole
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George and Dragon
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