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George and Dragon, Far Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This name originally referred to St. George, the patron saint of England (though he is often coupled with the dragon). Since 1714, George has been a kingly name in England, six different kings having borne it. In 1829 Wheatleys Charity records that William Beaumont was the tenant at will of a messuage, yard and premises in Far Gosford Street now the George and Dragon public house. In 1853 the pub was for sale. It had closed by 1865 as, in a list of estates belonging to Bablake School at that date, there is a tenement in Far Gosford Street formerly called the George and Dragon public house. There is a possibility that at some time it was called the St George Inn. Previously the property was known as the Saint George or simply the George. Photo


LICENSEES: (the SAINT GEORGE) 1625 W. Hopkins 1650 Jane Hopkins LICENSEES: (the GEORGE & DRAGON) 1828 - 1829 Samuel Adkins 1829 - 1835 William Beaumont 1841 - 1845 Thomas Cole
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