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George Inn, 99 Little Park Street

Alternative Addresses:103 Little Park Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18031935GEORGE INN
George Inn Little Park St 24-5-1914 An outing by charabanc for patrons of The George Inn, Little Park Street. This name originally referred to St George, the patron saint of England (though he is often coupled with the dragon). Since 1714, George has been a kingly name in England, six different kings having borne it. This pub is first mentioned in a register of loans and charities in 1802. In 1808 the George Inn was the meeting place of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire (Freemasons). On 21st August 1840 there is mention of a wager between Mr Oakes, landlord of the Reindeer in Well Street and Mr East, landlord of the George, Little Park Street, in the Coventry Standard. In 1896 it was purchased by Phillips and Marriott for £1,200 and in 1899 they valued it at £2,000. In 1924/26/27 it was a 'noted house for footballers' but on 24.8.1935 it closed. The site was near to the present Little Park Street Police Headquarters.


LICENSEES: (the GEORGE INN) 1810 W. Lewin 1822 - 1823 M. Clarke 1835 Thomas Allen 1840 - 1841 William East 1850 - 1851 James East 1861 - 1879 Joseph Graynoth 1886 J. Wagland 1890 - 1891 G. Payne 1893 Joseph Payne 1894 J. Dunnicliff 1896 H. H. Archer 1896 - 1903 William Hornby 1903 - 1907 George Pearson 1907 - 1917 Arthur Lole 1917 - 1929 Albert Edward Brown 1931 - 1932 R. H. Burton 1933 - 1936 T. Bott
George Inn
Street plan of 1851
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