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George IV, 16 Fleet Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
16061716GEORGE INN
1720c1835GEORGE I
c18351964GEORGE IV
George Iv 16 Fleet St It is somewhat surprising that a number of pubs have been named after this king. When George III died his son the Prince Regent ascended to the throne as George IV (1762 - 1830). He was a 'dedicated follower of fashion' and exuded both charm and culture so he earned the title 'the first gentleman of England'. However, he was not a particularly popular monarch and did not provide leadership for his subjects. 'His ministers found his behaviour selfish, unreliable and irresponsible'. George IV ruled from 1820 to 1830. This pub was the GEORGE I until c1835 and it appeared to change name as one George succeeded the other. It was owned by John Stowe until his death c1843. In 1846 the trustees of his will sold it to W. C. Howell for £970, who then sold it to John Stowe II for £600 (quite a loss that). He sold to C. Handley, who later sold to S. J. Chew for £450, so the price was still dropping! On his death, the pub was left to Miss Sarah Chew, who married W. Earp Reeve. In 1878 Reeve sold it to H. Tomlinson for £1,400, so now the value of the pub has rocketed. In 1929 the pub advertised, 'for everything of the best' and it was demolished on 29 January 1964. George IV Fleet St


LICENSEES: (GEORGE IV) 1828 - 1829 Ralph Langshaw 1835 - 1841 John Rowe (or Stowe?) 1843 - 1851 William Charles Howell 1861 Stephen J. Chew 1865 Michael Hall 1865 - 1868 Mrs Sarah Chew 1871 Selina Hall 1874 H. Hall 1879 Joseph Hitchins 1881 - 1893 Jane Hitchins 1894 - 1896 W. Franklin 1903 - 1909 Paul Fanny 1911 - 1912 Mrs Paul ? 1912 - 1913 F. M. Paul 1919 - 1922 Oliver Paul 1924 L. C. Jackson 1926 - 1927 G. H. Lowe 1929 F. L. Pinder 1931 - 1932 J. Hartley 1933 - 1936 F. G. Crabtree 1937 - 1938 W. Southall 1939 - 1940 B. J. Hetherington 1960 - 1964 Bernard Morrissey (see above)


to c1843 John Stowe (or Rowe ?) 1846 W. C. Howell John Stowe II C. Handley S. J. Chew Sarah Chew W. Earp Reeve & Sarah Chew H. Tomlinson
George IV
Street plan of 1851
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