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George Inn, Fleet Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
16061716GEORGE INN
1720c1835GEORGE I
c18351964GEORGE IV
George Iv 16 Fleet St This name originally referred to St. George, the patron saint of England (though he is often coupled with the dragon). Since 1714, George has been a kingly name in England, six different kings having borne it. A Rental of all the Lands and Tenements before 1700 refers to Richard Hopkins leasing lands in 1682 including the George Inn. In a will of 1684 Joseph Chambers gives the George Inn which fronts to Fleet Street to the Mayor, Bailiffs and Commonality of Coventry and their successors. Then in 1690 the bounds of the parish of St Michael's mention the George Inn, or at least the dunghill belonging to it! In 1716 the Rental of Guilds and Charities shows a rent out of the George Inn, Fleet Street.


to 1684 Joseph Chambers from 1684 Coventry Corporation
George Inn
Street plan of 1851
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