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Gosford Park Hotel, 1 Northfield Road

Alternative Addresses:St George's Road
Gosford Pk Northfield Rd Gosford Pk Hotel The name comes from the fact that the pub is close to Gosford Green. In 1982 this was described as an old pub with a pleasant atmosphere. It had old Atkinsons windows. Chris Arnott remarked that the smoke room had the highest bar he had ever seen. I remember going to the Coventry Folk Club here in the late 1960s when the back room got very busy and very smoky. And I'm still alive to tell the tale! On 10th August 1987 the license was withdrawn by the Magistrates, yet the pub is still trading, so they must have issued it eventually. Photo courtesy of David Fry.


1911 - 1924 Frederick H. Makepeace 1926 - 1931 C. H. Phillips 1932 - 1936 J. Jackson 1937 - 1938 A. T. H. Courtnell 1939 - 1940 Herbert Joseph Clowes (see also the Hop Pole, Leicester Row and Radford Hotel, Radford Road) 1955 - 1957 John H. Spencer 1960 - 1962 Frederick Clarke 1983 John & Carmel Slevin
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