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Hop Pole Inn, 16 Leicester Row

Hop Pole Remains Leicester Causeway The hop vines used to be trained up hop poles, whereas now they are trained onto wires. This pub was next door to Ratliff's Brewery, which closed around 1900. The Hop Pole is mentioned in a document describing land bounded by the pub dated 1858. This was a home brew pub until 1920. The Hop Pole closed on 25th May 1941, probably another victim of enemy bombing.


1828 - 1829 Mary Wastinage 1835 Eliza Wastinage 1841 - 1861 John Goode 1868 W. Beecher 1868 - 1885 William Batchelor (Died 4th August 1885) 1885 - 1889 Martha Helen Batchelor 1889 - 1924 William Henry Batchelor (William's son, b.1867. Information thanks to Peter Haynes.) 1926 - 1934 H. R. Rollings 1935 - 1936 R. J. Leigh 1937 - 1938 Herbert Joseph Clowes (see also Gosford Park, Northfield Road and Radford Hotel, Radford Road) 1939 - 1940 S. Snell BREWERS: 1884 - 1920 William Batchelor
Hop Pole Inn
Street plan of 1851
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Hop Pole Inn
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