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Greyhound, 98 Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
There are a number of possible explanations of this name: a) a famous mail coach which travelled between London and Birmingham; b) a heraldic reference to the Dukes of Newcastle; c) the greyhound was formerly used in the chase but is now mainly associated with greyhound racing. This pub is thought to have existed in 1800. It is thought to have become the QUEENS HEAD, Gosford Street. Gosford St 1912 Fry
Gosford Street 1912. (Photo courtesy of David Fry.)


LICENSEES: (the GREYHOUND) 1822 - 1829 T. Burbury LICENSEES: (the QUEEN'S HEAD) 1835 Robert Staveley 1841 William Humphries 1850 - 1856 Josiah Hewitt 1856 William Torrance
Street plan of 1851
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