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Greyhound, 118 Much Park Street

Alternative Addresses:Half Moon Yard
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Greyhound Inn Much Park St There are a number of possible explanations of this name: a) a famous mail coach which travelled between London and Birmingham; b) A heraldic reference to the Dukes of Newcastle; c) the greyhound was formerly used in the chase but is now mainly associated with greyhound racing. Before 1841 see the CROWN AND ANCHOR. In the 1841 Census the address is given as 'Half Moon Yard'. In 1982 it was 'a popular pub with good beer. It stands isolated in a car park, an old bomb site, that was once the site of Phillips and Marriotts brewery'. In 1991 it became a Charles Wells pub and in 2001 was renamed the JAILHOUSE because of its proximity to the Police Station. In 2010 it closed and has been demolished. Note the longevity of the Standbridge family who kept the pub for around seventy years. Reuben kept it for nearly fifty. He was 31 when he took it over so he would have been in his eighties when he left.


1835 - 1841 Thomas Ward 1850 - 1861 William Standbridge 1861 - 1905 Reuben Standbridge 1909 - 1919 Herbert R. Standbridge 1921 - 1927 S. Daffern 1929 A. R. Manley 1931 - 1932 A. C. Greenway 1937 - 1938 C. J. Jones 1939 - 1940 Mrs. M. H. Jones 1982 Craig Robinson
Street plan of 1851
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