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Hertford Arms, 116 Far Gosford Street

Hertford Arms Far Gosford St Did the name come from the Earls of Hertford? In 1835 and 1850 this was the BEERHOUSE, Far Gosford Street. On 27th August 1852 a license was granted to John Walker for the Hertford Arms. In 1876 it was leased by Henry Bird from J. Walton for £24 per annum. It is described as two storey brick with a cornice, deep entablature and quoins either side. A central doorway with pediment over door and windows and flanked by fluted pilasters. Hertford Arms


1852 John Walker 1861 - 1879 Henry Bird 1881 - 1891 Hannah Bird 1893 - 1894 Henry Bird 1896 - 1896 John H. Rowe 1903 James T. Martin 1905 - 1913 Edward Richard Warden 1919 - 1922 Mrs Sarah Warden 1924 - 1940 A. Dearden 1962 F. H. Ashton 1960s Stanley Wilson (see also New Inn, Craven Street) 1970 Reginald Close
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Hertford Arms
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Hertford Arms
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