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New Inn, 113 Craven Street, Chapelfields

Alternative Addresses:45 Craven Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18611971NEW INN
1971presentCHESTNUT TREE
Photo These inns were once new, perhaps replacing older ones on the same site. Many new inns came into being in the sixteenth century as a result of Elizabeth I's policies. This pub became the CHESTNUT TREE on 29th November 1971.


1861 Samuel Brown 1868 Mrs. Maria Brown 1871 James L. Cox & watch case springer 1874 G. Godfrey 1879 Mrs. Mary Godfrey 1881 - 1896 Charles Raybon 1903 - 1905 George Fleckner 1909 - 1913 Mrs. Katie Fleckner 1924 - 1932 C. G. L. Spence 1933 - 1934 Mrs. M. E. Spence 1934 - 1938 F. H. Gollings 1937 - 1959 Jack Granville (see clippings above and below) 1960 B. Turrell (see below) 1960s Stanley Wilson (see above, see also Hertford Arms, Far Gosford Street)
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