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Hertford Arms, 20 Hertford Place

Alternative Addresses:1 Junction Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Hertford Tavern Hertford Place Did the name come from the Earls of Hertford ? In 1840 an inquest took place at the Hertford Arms, while in 1850 it was listed as the BEERHOUSE, Hertford Place. The pub was rebuilt in 1939. It is said that for many years it was called the Hertford Arms, and became Hertford Tavern on its sale from Ind Coope to Ansells. On its rebuilding, its cellar was found to be of 'great age'. In 1962 the surrounding houses had been demolished to make way for the Butts Radial Spur and for redevelopment. Yet the pub remained until 1986, when, Ansells, having spent a fortune on the lounge of the nearby Hen and Chickens, decided that the Hertford was redundant. It is now ironically a marriage guidance counselling centre.


1871 - 1874 C. Felix Testot (Tester) 1879 Mrs Lucy Testot 1881 C. F. Testot 1893 Eliza Phillips 1894 - 1905 J. G. Oldfield 1909 - 1924 James Oldham 1926 - 1927 F. Ward 1929 - 1936 W. E. Thornton 1937 - 1958 D. Cooke (see above) to 1962 Cyril Bowns (see above, see also Lord Raglan, Foleshill Road and Swanswell Tavern, Swanswell Street)) 1985 Paddy Swift 1985 Paddy J. Carey (of Carey's club), builder and glazier.


? Ind Coope ? Ansells
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