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Jolly Colliers, 568 Woodway Lane, Walsgrave

Alternative Addresses:Sowe, Sowe Waste
This name was a reference to the local collieries. In 1875 the owner, Thomas Walker, made a will. On his death his wife took on the pub until c1874. In 1885 Phillips and Marriott leased the pub for 15 years for £40 per annum from W. H. Nightingale of 2 White Street, Coventry. In 1911 the lease lapsed. By 1913 it was a Phipps pub with the tenant, W. Hayes paying £20 per annum. There used to be stabling by the pub for 8 to 10 horses so that the boat people could moor up overnight. The telephone reached Walsgrave in 1914 and the Jolly Colliers had the first private one installed - the number was Walsgrave 1. Rivalry between the Boat Inn and Jolly Colliers was exercised in the annual derby cricket match between the two, held on Sowe Common. In 1982 it was described as a 'charming little pub at the end of Woodway Lane, next to the motorway. Well worth a visit'. However, by 2011 it had closed and the building targeted by slate and metal theives. It then burnt down in 2012.


1845 Richard Walker 1863 Thomas Walker 1866 - 1874 Mrs Sarah Walker 1879 - 1880 Enoch Simpson & limeburner 1888 - 1900 Thomas Simpson 1900 Henry Eaton 1903 - 1904 Richard Henry Bennett 1906 - 1908 Alfred William Lamsdon (or William Alfred) c1908 William Hayes (see also Spotted Dog) 1912 George Marston 1913 W. Hayes 1924 William Briggs 1926 Francis James Pickard 1933 - 1955 Wallace J. Lole (see above) c1956 -1965 and onwards Clifton James Whitmore (see above, see also Navigation Inn, Stoney Stanton Road)


? Thomas Walker ? Mrs Sarah Walker 1885 - 1911 W. H. Nightingale 1913 Phipps 2011 Enterprise Inns
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