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Spotted Dog, Woodway Lane

Alternative Addresses:Sowe Waste
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18441880BEERHOUSE (Sibley) / BEERHOUSE (Sowe Waste)
Is this something to do with bull baiting or is it a reference to the three leopards on the coat of arms of the Sydney family? In 1844 the Coventry Standard reported an incident of drunken behaviour by a suspected murderer, who happened to be the nephew of Mrs. Hayes, who kept the "public-house on Sowe Waste . . . called the Spotted Dog" In 1880 this was the Beerhouse, Sowe. This pub was on the same side of Woodway Lane but 'further down'. I can only guess this means nearer to Coventry. When the local collieries were at their peak, this pub would be full of miners drinking beer every night. By the 1930s it had been converted into the local post-office and general stores.


1844 Mrs. Hayes 1888 - 1892 Mrs. Ann Whetstone 1900 - 1908 William Hayes (see also Jolly Colliers) 1910 - 1913 William Hill
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