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Lord Aylesford, 20 Aylesford Street

Photo The only known photograph of the Lord Aylesford Inn, where Coventry City FC was founded. The photo was provided by Alma Wager, daughter-in-law of Clement Wager, who became the pub's licensee in 1936. It is thought the photograph shows Clement standing proudly in the doorway on the day he took over. The pub was destroyed in the Coventry Blitz in 1940 and is now the site of the Aylesford Intermediate Care Centre. Lord Aylesford was the owner of Packington Park near Meriden. On 30th August 1861 a new license was granted to John Davis for Lord Aylesford, and the pub had a brewing house, several outbuildings and a yard, and the interior comprised a bar, lounge and a smoke room. The pub was destroyed by enemy action in 1940. After the Blitz, the site became subject to local authority planning control and Atkinson's Brewery complied with a compulsory purchase order that was issued in 1958. Possession of the land was finally taken by the local authority on January 23rd 1961.


1861 John Davis 1868 D. Haunch 1868 James Trickett 1874 M. Edwards 1879 Joseph Thomas 1881 Ellen Matthews 1883 George Wale 1886 G. Chapman 1890 - 1891 J. G. Elkington 1893 C. Stafford 1894 Mrs Lucy E. Stafford 1896 J. H. George 1903 - 1936 Charles M. McGowran 1937 - 1940 Clement E. Wager
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