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Market Vaults, 22 Market Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18451881WELCH HARP
Market Street c1940 This pub got its name from its proximity to the Market Hall. In 1886 it was the MARKET TAVERN. On the town planning map of 1888 it is the Market Vaults. In 1910 it was advertising 'home brewed ales' and is said to have been nicknamed the 'HOLE IN THE WALL' due to a large cartoon which hung on the wall behind the bar! In 1901 Allard Motorcycles was taken over by the Birmingham Motor Manufacturing Co, who created a new enterprise called the Rex Motor Manufacturing Co in larger works on Osborne Road. Frederick Allard enjoyed a new career as licensee of the Market Vaults.


1850 - 1851 George Lockington 1861 - 1868 William Brown 1871 - 1881 Lidia Brown 1886 - 1896 J. Phillips 1903 - 1927 Frederick W. Allard
Market Vaults
Street plan of 1851
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