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Old Star Inn, 31 Earl Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
19011940OLD STAR INN
The star was originally a religious symbol, referring to the star of Bethlehem or to the Virgin Mary, one of whose titles is 'Star of the Sea' (Stella Maris). Since 1634 a six-pointed star also appeared in the arms of the Worshipful Company of Innholders, previously the guild of Innkeepers. The star as a pub name dates from the fifteenth century. From c1424 to 1443 this inn was owned by Thomas Wildris, Mayor of Coventry. In c1474 Thomas Wildris left it to the Draper's Company. In 1582 it was the lodging place of the Duke of Monmouth. From 1831 to 1864 the 'General Dispensary' was held in some rooms in Earl Street, formerly belonging to the Old Star Inn. In 1894 it was sold by the executors of Robert Arnold Dalton to Ratliff's brewery for £2,050. When that brewery was taken over by Phillips and Marriott they valued it at £3,000 including messuages and a garage. It then burnt down c1900 and was rebuilt only to be destroyed in the blitz of 1940. In 1959 the license was transferred to the Black Prince, Jardine Crescent. Earl St Prewar


LICENSEES: (the STAR INN) 1835 Samuel Johnson 1845 S.Powell 1861 Richard Hands 1868 - 1868 Thomas Hands 1871 - 1874 Henry Hands 1879 - 1881 William B. Whiteman 1886 T. Jackson 1890 - 1891 T. Danes 1893 - 1894 James Elliott 1896 J. A. Harvey 1900 William Henry Tovey LICENSEES: (the OLD STAR INN) 1901 Benjamin Maton 1903 Francis John Morgan 1904 - 1905 Howard Albert Giles 1906 H. W. Shufflebotham 1907 - 1909 William Murfin 1910 - 1913 Percy Woodcock Wilshire 1914 - 1916 William Vaughan 1916 - 1927 Edward Cowley 1931 - 1936 W. W. Sheffield 1937 - 1940 Joseph Shilton


1424 - c1474 Thomas Wildris 1474 Drapers Company 1892 - 1893 Robert Arnold Dalton 1893 - 1899 Ratliff's Brewery from 1899 Phillips & Marriott
Old Star Inn
Street plan of 1851
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