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Raglan Tavern, 24 Raglan Street

Alternative Addresses:66 Raglan Street
Raglan Tavern Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan (1788 - 1855), was a British General who served in the Peninsular War and was military secretary to the Duke of Wellington. He was Commander-in-Chief of the British troops in the Crimea in 1854 but was thought by many to be rather ineffective in that role. In 1859 an inquest was held here. The pub was sold in 1926 by Charringtons. The licensee was Mr. C. Webb who paid £40 per annum rent. In the sale brochure, the pub was said to be close to Singers, Coventry Plating and Press Work Co. and the B.T.H. works. Around 1930 Harry Walmsley Crossley was at the pub advertising 'Atkinsons Mild 5d, Bitter 7d', so presumably they had bought it from Charringtons. It closed c1969.


1868 - 1871 John Reed 1879 - 1886 William Smith 1890 - 1909 J. Grainger 1911 - 1913 W. H. Oxbarrow 1919 - 1922 William Leonard Egginton 1924 - 1926 C. E. Webb 1929 C. E. Salisbury 1930 - 1932 Harry Walmsley Crossley 1933 - 1936 J. A. Jackson 1937 - 1938 W. S. Naughton 1939 - 1940 E. J. J. Richards 1954 - 1957 Leslie Wilson (see also Nugget, Coundon Green) 1960s Stanley John Adkins (see also White Lion, Brownshill Green and Holyhead, Holyhead Road)
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