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Royal Oak, 629 Stoney Stanton Road, Foleshill

Alternative Addresses:Red House Lane, Paradise
Royal Oak Stoney Stanton RdThis name is second in popularity to the Red Lion. Following the defeat of the Battle of Worcester in 1651, Charles II, together with his aide, Colonel Carless, hid from noon till dusk in the Boscobel Oak near Shifnal, Shropshire, in order to escape from the Roundhead soldiers pursuing them. After the restoration it was declared that May 29th, Charles II's birthday, should be celebrated as Royal Oak Day, an act of thanksgiving. The popularity of the pub sign may be attributed to genuine rejoicing that the monarchy had been restored but it also comments on the appeal of exciting incidents. It may also refer to one of the many ships that bore this name.
Royal Oak Stoney Stanton RdIn 1828 this pub was used for an auction. In 1899 Phillips and Marriott valued the pub at £3,000 with land for the bowling green at £80 yet they did not purchase it until 1913, for £6,500. After the Second World War, the pub was propped up for some years until demolition and replacement with a new building. The new pub was a flat-roofed, red brick, characterless building with an impressively plush lounge.


1828 Mr Amos 1841 - 1845 William Coleman 1861 - 1866 William Cattell 1868 - 1880 Mrs. Elizabeth Cattell 1888 Mrs. Elizabeth Satchwell 1892 Mrs. Selina Reader 1892 - 1903 William Reader 1904 - 1913 John Cotton 1913 Thomas George Pritchard 1916 Harry Edward Greaves 1921 - 1924 Henry Cotton 1926 - 1927 Mrs. S. Cotton 1929 - 1940 W. Sidwell 1955 - 1957 Walter L. Gregory 1960 Allen Clarke (see also Maudsley, Allesley Old Road) 1985 Tony Bristow
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