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Maudslay Hotel, Allesley Old Road

Maudslay This pub was named from its proximity to the Maudslay car and commercial vehicles factory in Maudslay Road. A Maudslay car was illustrated in the sign. The pub was built in 1928. The license of the Empire Vaults, Smithford Street, was removed to the Maudslay and that of the Robin Hood, Cox Street, in consideration of the transfer. It opened in 1929 under licensee, H. J. Shimeld, who continued as licensee until 1934, although according to The Godiva Harrier Club's records, (who made the Maudslay their HQ) the licensee was W. Blackford when the 1929 christmas race was held from their new HQ*. The pub had a bowling green, now the car park. An oak staircase led off the entrance hall and half way up are lovely stained glass windows showing crests depicting periods in Warwickshire history, including the Warwickshire coat of arms and the arms of Coventry. On the top floor is a barrel-vaulted concert room cum dance hall. There were several small rooms including an oak panelled smoke room. It was described in 1979 as a '1930s wooden palace'. It also had a basic cheap, bar. This has all now been knocked into a single large room.


c1928 - 1929 W. Blackford * 1929 - 1934 H. J. Shimeld 1934 - 1938 H. Sage 1939 - 1940 W. H. Burbury 1955 - 1956 Robert H. Dawson & Allen Sadler 1957 Allen Sadler 1959 Mr. & Mrs. Allen Clarke (see above, see also Royal Oak Inn, Stoney Stanton Road) 1960 - 1962 R. H. Dawson 1982 Jeff Kilborn 1987 John & Pat Gough 2014 to present Sally Radburn * Thanks to Colin Kirkham for additional information
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