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Stivichall Arms, Earlsdon

This pub stood on the edge of Stivichall Common, roughly opposite the Chestnuts. It is mentioned in 1861, was to let in 1862 and for sale in 1874. It is also shown on a plan of an estate in the parish of St. Michael and St. John the Baptist dated 1874. This is an account of events of 1876, published in the Coventry Herald in 1936. 'It was a hard winter....the ponds and pits were covered in ice....the pool or gravel pit situated in Wale's field at the back of the Stivichall Arms was crowded and without any warning the ice gave way and a number of children went down. Five children lost their lives. The bodies were all removed to the Stivichall Arms. The first cycle track was in close vicinity, opened in 1858. The public house was well visited where some of the racing men met and settled their abilities. To others the Stivichall Arms represented just a nice stroll with the opportunity of having a little refreshment.'


to 1862 Mr W. D. Jephcott (deceased) 1871 Richard Lakin
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Stivichall Arms
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