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Swan with Two Necks, Spon End

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This pub is referred to in 1630, when the corporation let the property to Richard Parnell for £10 and 1668 when it is sold to Sir Richard Norton. The location is given as being on the north side of Spon End beyond the barr gates. If the location of the Horseshoe is given in relation to the barr gate we can assume that this is one of the nearest landmarks to the pub, which would put it in the vicinity of the cross roads and Black Swan Terrace. There are six properties shown in this area on a map. Maps refer to them as the 13th century bar gates. The town wall was built between 1356 and 1534, whilst the address of the Horseshoe was given in relation to the bar gate in 1630, so bar gate either became used as a place name, or perhaps they still existed in some form to regulate traffic into and out of the suburb of Spon Street. In 1756 twelve soldiers were billeted here. It is possible that this became the Swan with Two Necks in 1769, but we have references to the Horseshoe in 1770, and 1776, and to the Old Horseshoe in 1771, so we are unsure about this at present. The Coventry Mercury of 8th February 1801 carried the following advert: 'To let that well accustomed and well established inn, formerly by the name of the Old Horseshoes and now the Swan With Two Necks, situated in Spon End'.

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