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Swanswell Cottage Inn, 44 Leicester Street

Alternative Addresses:Swanswell Terrace, Dog Lane
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Swanswell Cottage Inn Leicester St This name refers to a local pool, the Swanswell, which was the source of much of the water used in Coventry. In 1841 this was the BEERHOUSE, Leicester Street. In 1961 Jimmy Taylor said 'There is much evidence, both inside and outside, to denote that it goes back at least a couple of centuries, but in 1938 it had a big facelift whch brought it up to date. There are still old oak beams in the bar and smoke room and the old type fireplaces.....A trap door leads down to the cellars which, with their crumbling nature, tell of years gone by'.
Swanswell Cottage Swanswell St There used to be several shops to the right (north) of the pub, demolished before the pub. In front there used to be several rows of houses, many destroyed in the Blitz of 1940. The pub was demolished to make way for the Ring Road in 1963. Swanswell Cottage Inn Harris C1920
With gratitude to Hugh Cyril Harris, who has allowed us to use this super family photograph on the left, depicting his grandfather, Alf Harris, standing in front of the pub around 1920, enabling us to see how the pub looked before modernisation. Alf ran the Swanswell Cottage Inn from around 1919 until 1927.


1835 William Bellamy 1850 Thomas Eaves 1861 Samuel Russell 1868 - 1874 Isaac Molesworth & hairdresser 1879 John Beet 1886 J. Greenway 1890 - 1893 J. O. Sidwell 1894 - 1896 Mrs E. M. Sidwell 1903 J. B. Farr 1905 F. G. Hewitt 1909 George H. Twigger 1911 - 1913 William H. L. Masters 1919 - 1927 Alfred Harris 1931 - 1932 H. Heath 1933 - 1938 H. Horne 1939 - 1940 Mary Horne mid to late 1950s Frank James Allen (see also Cottage, St Johns Street and Hand and Heart, Far Gosford Street 1961 Eric Stout


1961 Ansells
Swanswell Cottage Inn
Street plan of 1851
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