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Swan Inn, 7 Yardley Street, Hillfields

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18501881BLACK SWAN
Swan Inn Yardley St A tavern sign since the fourteenth century either as an allusion to the bird itself or to a coat of arms that featured it. In the latter role it was used by Henry VIII, Edward III, the Earls of Essex, the Vintner's Company, the Poulterer's Company and the Musician's Company. The renewal of the license was refused in 1914, and the pub sold in 1916 with compensation being paid. In 1920 it was an 'all sorts shop'.


to 1864 Jemima Coleman 1864 Vincent Page (from the Black Swan, Spon Street) 1868 - 1887 Josiah Morton (died 7th May) 1887 - 1889 Josiah Elijah Morton (son of above) 1889 - 1898 Thomas William Owen (died 26th Oct.) 1898 - 1900 Emma Louisa Owen (daughter of Thomas. In 1899 became Emma Macpherson.) 1900 - 1914 Humphrey Needham 1914 Herbert Waters
Swan Inn
Street plan of 1851
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Swan Inn
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