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Swanswell Inn, 56 Swanswell Street, Hillfields

Alternative Addresses:8 Or 9 Swanswell Street
Swanswell Inn Swanswell StThis name refers to a local pool, the Swanswell, which was the source of much of the water used in Coventry. The pub was first mentioned in 1850. In 1870 the pub was mentioned in the will of Richard Makepeace, when it was left to his wife, Susan Makepeace. Mark William Makepeace was appointed executor and manager of the property during Susan's lifetime. Richard died in the same year and Susan in 1880. In 1881 Mark William Makepeace sold the pub to William Ratliff (of the Coventry Brewery) for £850. In 1899, on the merger of Ratliffs with Phillips and Marriott, the pub was valued at £2,000, including some cottages. In c1969 this pub was closed and the license transferred to the Jubilee, on the same site. That closed because of drug dealing in 1992.


1835 John Anstey 1841 - 1845 Wiliam Stanley 1850 Francis Thorp & warehouseman 1861 Mark Makepeace 1868 Richard Makepeace 1868 - 1874 William Swain 1879 - 1881 Benjamin Walker 1886 A. P. Jarrard 1890 - 1891 M. E. Jarrard 1893 - 1910 Charles Henry Atkins 1911 - 1927 Mrs Margaret Ellen Atkins 1929 - 1938 W. P. Jarrard 1939 - 1940 Nellie Jarrard 1961 Charlie Tebbutt (see also Rose and Woodbine, North Street, Wyken Pippin, Ansty Road, Ivy Cottage, King William Street)


1870 Richard Makepeace 1870 - 1880 Susan Makepeace 1880 - 1881 Mark William Makepeace 1881 - 1899 Ratliff 1899 - 1924 Phillips & Marriott
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