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Sword and Mace, 43 Earl Street

Alternative Addresses:High Street
This refers either to civic regalia or royal regalia. In 1756 six soldiers were billeted here. A sale of bankrupts goods in 1817 included the Old Sword and Mace, which had been tenanted in succession by William Mitchell, Martha Steel, Edward Phillips, John Major and William Edwards. It seems that the pub was not a lot more successful for subsequent owners as it closed c1905.


William Mitchell Martha Steel Edward Phillips John Major William Edwards 1822 - 1823 W. Addington 1835 Richard Stratton 1841 Edward Elton 1841 William Watts 1850 - 1851 Thomas A. Smith 1861 - 1868 William White 1874 J. Doughty 1878 William Keene 1878 - 1879 George Atkins 1881 Ann Atkins 1886 - 1893 C. Atkins 1894 Mrs C. Atkins 1896 T. Heath
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