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Swanswell Tavern, White Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
19801988WHITE SWAN
PhotoSwanswell Tavern This name refers to a local pool, the Swanswell, which was the source of much of the water used in Coventry. This became the WHITE SWAN, and later McGUIGANS. In 2014 it reverted to the SWANSWELL. The pub then only occupied part of the original building. In 2015 it became 'Creams' ice-cream restaurant.


1861 Thomas Cole 1868 - 1879 Mrs Mary Russell 1886 - 1891 J. Russell 1893 - 1896 Mrs Emma Hough 1903 - 1909 J. Wigston 1912 - 1922 Alfred Hewitt 1924 T. Carter 1926 - 1927 T. R. Tudman 1933 - 1940 J. T. Rippon 1962 Cyril Bowns (See clipping above. See also the Lord Raglan, Foleshill Road at Exhall and Hertford Tavern, Hertford Place)
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