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Walsall Arms, 46 Mill Lane

Alternative Addresses:89 Cox Street, 44 Cox Street
Walsall Arms
Cox Street looking northwards towards Ford Street, c1910. (Photo courtesy of David Fry.) The Walsall Arms is the white building on the left, set back from the road, and Godiva Street can be seen on the right. In 1851 this street was still called Mill Lane (formerly Earl's Mill Lane), but by 1869 it had been renamed Cox Street.
The pub closed in c1951 and the license transferred to the WHITLEY ABBEY HOTEL.


1850 - 1851 Mary Ann Russell 1868 S. Lucas 1868 Richard taylor 1871 - 1874 Richard W. Lord 1879 - 1891 William T. Chandler 1893 H. Starkey 1894 - 1896 H. Salvage 1903 - 1905 Mrs. A. Allen 1909 - 1912 Agnes E. Jarvis 1912 - 1913 A. Wilkins 1919 - 1927 Walter Ellett 1929 - 1936 F. Ward 1937 - 1940 G. H. Varney
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Walsall Arms
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