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Warwick Arms and Spirit Vaults, 47 Jordan Well

Named from the various Earls of Warwick who have owned land in many places. In 1861 this pub was advertised to let, described as being 'on the corner of Much Park Street, Jordan Well, Coventry'. Thanks for the following excerpt from the "Historic Coventry Forum", poster Annewiggy: In September 1862 John Thurman of The Warwick Arms, Jordan Well advertised, he begged to inform his friends that in making great alterations in fitting up his large room he will give a case of specimens of natural history to his friends on every Saturday night until Christmas. His advertising did not do him much good as in 1863 The Warwick Arms in Jordan Well, an old established public House was advertised to let. In November 1863 the license was transferred to David Smith. Earl St Prewar


1845 T. Breen 1850 James White 1851 - 1858 Martha White 1862 John Thurman 1863 David Smith (see also at the Vampire, Jordan Well in 1868)
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