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Waterloo Tavern, 41 Brook Street

Waterloo Tavern The place where this famous battle was fought is a small town in Brabant, twelve miles south of Brussels in Belgium. The British and Prussian forces under the Duke of Wellington and Blucher together with Dutch and Belgian troops defeated Napoleon's French army. Napoleon abdicated four days after. In 1858 and 1859 inquests were held at this pub. It is also mentioned in the Coventry Standard in 1862 and 1865. The Waterloo Tavern closed on 10th July 1971.


1861 Catherine Belford (29 Brook Street - pub not named) 1862 - 1879 James Bullock Evans 1879 - 1880 Mrs. CatherineEvans 1880 - 1884 John Horley 1884 - 1898 Edward Summers 1898 - 1905 John (Jack) Morley 1907 - 1909 John Allen 1910 - 1927 Arhur Fennell 1928 - 1932 Arthur Henry Hitchins 1932 Herbert Burnett 1933 - 1934 H. (W.) Winterburn 1935 - 1959 William J. Hulm


1878 James Bullock Evans 1898 John Smith, Coventry
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