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Waters Wine Lodge, 29-30 High Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Coventry and Country Club High St As the Coventry and Country Club in 1890. Just to its left is the Craven Arms, later known as the White Bear and the Bear. The earliest known members of the Waters family were William and Mary. They had two children, George b. 1734 and Edward, 1736 - 1812, who married Hannah Shakespeare. Edward and Hannah had three children, David, Ann and Hannah. Edward Waters was an innkeeper at the Peacock, Cross Cheaping. In 1810 Edward was succeeded in the business by David. The business involved not only running the pub but also supplying meals and liquor for meetings of Bonds Hospital Trustees and for the Mayors Parlour. By 1802 the original Wine and Brandy Vaults were opened at the top of Great Butcher Row by David Waters. In 1817 the pub was sold to Thomas Parrott. Then in 1824 No 29 High Street was bought as two lots for £850 and £700 and the business moved there. In 1854 No 30 High Street was added for £2,100. In 1901 what had been the Waters family drawing room upstairs was converted to a public billiards room with a club room and bar adjoining. This was named the COVENTRY AND COUNTRY CLUB with a steward, Robert Morris and his wife and two children and a servant all living on site. At this time the Waters moved out to Oakhurst in Coundon and a bottling plant was built over the old garden. In 1927 the building was refronted in Modernist style and an enormous bar added, 45 feet long and entered through a lobby rather than directly from the street. The premises were named 'Chester House' and the Castle trade mark adopted. The top floor was damaged in the Blitz and given a temporary roof which was rebuilt in 1950. In 1963 the bar was also known as the Glass and Candle Bar but in 1991 Waters left Coventry and moved to Heathcote Industrial Estate. Waters Wine Bar and the next door Bear are now Barclays Bank.

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