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Wheel Tavern, 2 Leicester Row

Alternative Addresses:Leicester Causeway
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Old Wheel Leicester Row Possibly something to do with a wheelwright's workshop? This pub is thought to date back to at least 1800 when it was known as the WHEEL TAVERN. In 1839 it was advertised for sale. In 1844 the inquest into the death of seventeen month old Emma Golsby was held at the Wheel Tavern, before a jury of fourteen. The inquest's verdict was that Emma Golsby was the victim of wilful murder. The pub became the Old Wheel Tavern in 1890. The OLD WHEEL TAVERN closed on 28th February 1932 on the payment of compensation. Photo with kind permission of The Herbert Archives. Do not copy without consent.


1822 - 1823 S. Gough 1835 Thomas Cooper 1841 Thomas Farr 1850 - 1851 Elihah Dalton 1861 - 1874 James Vickers 1879 - 1881 William J. Smith 1886 J. Stringer 1890 - 1903 Joseph Vickers 1905 - 1913 Robert H. C. Wells 1919 - 1922 Herbert Tyler 1924 - 1929 P. Cross 1931 - 1934 J. W. Chislett
Wheel Tavern
Street plan of 1851
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