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White Rose, 19-20 Market Place

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18641874MARKET TAVERN, 19 & 20 Market Place
18741929WHITE ROSE, 19 & 20 Market Place
?1841PACKHORSE, West Orchard
Photo A postcard featuring the old Market Tower is a rare view of Market Place, which led through from where Broadgate and Cross Cheaping met to the tower, where you could turn left and take Market Street back to Smithford Street. If we are interpreting a map correctly, The Market Tavern / White Rose is on the left and The Lamp Tavern is on the corner of Market Street to the left in the distance where we would find the Arcade Vaults at No.6 and the Market Vaults at No.22. This was the badge of the Duke of York (1411 - 1460) and hence of the House of York. Wilson records this pub as possibly being the PACKHORSE West Orchard and then the MARKET HALL TAVERN/MARKET HOUSE TAVERN IN 1864, when a new license was granted to Isaac Brown who later in 1869, transferred it to R.P. Barber. The sign must have then become THE WHITE ROSE and C&B records this in 1874, Licensee Henry Sanders. In 1929 the license was surrendered for the rebuilding of the CASTLE VAULTS, Market Place. It closed on 30th September, 1929.


1874 - 1894 Henry Sanders 1896 H. Jephcott 1903 - 1913 Mrs. Emily Green 1919 - 1927 Herbert A. Beaumont
White Rose
Street plan of 1851
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