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White Swan, 1 Hill Street

White Swan Hill St Although this view is still recognisable today, with Bond's Hospital to the right and the Tower of St John's Church showing over the roof, nothing now remains of the left hand side of the street. A tavern sign since the fourteenth century, alluding either to the bird itself or a coat of arms which featured it, such as that of Henry VIII or Edward III. It also appears in the arms of the Vintners Company, the Poulterers, the Musicians and the Earls of Essex. In 1756 four soldiers were billeted here. On the 1851 Board of Health map this pub was labelled The Swan In 1926 the pub was sold by Charringtons. The new owners didn't get much from it as the pub closed in 1929, the license being surrendered for the removal of the Spotted Dog, Bull Ring, to premises to be erected in Beech Tree Avenue, that is The Newlands.


1822 - 1835 James Tayton 1841 Mary Tayton (or Taylor) 1850 John Tayton 1861 - 1874 Henry Smith 1879 - 1881 Mrs. Mary Ann Smith 1886 - 1891 William Johnstone 1893 - 1896 Mrs. Eliza Eaves 1903 - 1909 S. E. Welby 1911 - 1913 Reginald Jeffery 1919 - 1922 Sidney R. Smith 1924 - 1927 L. C. Jackson 1929 A. Hattery
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