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White Swan, Swanswell Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
19801988WHITE SWAN
White Swan Swanswell A tavern sign since the fourteenth century, alluding either to the bird itself or a coat of arms which featured it, such as that of Henry VIII or Edward III. It also appears in the arms of the Vintners Company, the Poulterers, the Musicians and the Earls of Essex. In 1985 this was "a modern pub on the edge of Swanswell Pool which was once the source of Coventry's drinking water." Formerly the SWANSWELL TAVERN. From 1988 it was McGUIGANS. The sign then became the SWANSWELL in 2014, but only occupying part of the original building. In 2015 it became 'Creams' ice-cream restaurant.


1983 Steve Lougheed
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White Swan
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