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City, 64 Greyfriars Lane (Walker, Price)

Address:64 Greyfriars Lane
Became:Greyfriars Inn
Alternative Addresses:Warwick Lane
in 1534 this property was owned by Pisford's Charity, otherwise Ford's Hospital. It is again mentioned in 1576 and in 1655 Mayor Beake issued a warrant against the ostler at the Red Lion for tippling (that is serving alcohol) on a Sunday. In 1708 it is still owned by Pisford's Charity. In 1774 an unfortunate accident happened when the landlord, his wife and another woman were all killed by the falliing-in of an upper chamber which was overloaded with grain used in brewing. In c1775 the Red Lion was owned by T. Dullison and adjoined the Turks Head, Warwick Lane. In 1818 there was a lease of the pub and a malthouse, both on the north west side of Greyfriars Lane. In 1835 it was a BEERHOUSE. J. B. Shelton says that it was at the rear of the Queens Hotel and that Nos 64 and 65 Greyfriars Lane were joined to become the GREYFRIARS INN.


1822 - 1823 W. Walker 1835 Charles Price 1841 Samuel Gardner 1850 William Lovatt 1861 Samuel Hunt 1868 - 1871 James Hatton 1874 H. Kemp


1818 J. Miller, H. Miller & W. Farnell 1823 T. Hayes c1823 Joseph Hayes to 1834 Miss E. Hayes 1834 R. Mallabone & E. Mallabone (marriage) 1877 J. S. Whittem (or J. S. Sibley?)
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City, 64 Greyfriars Lane (Walker, Price)
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