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Angel Hotel, Station Street West

Alternative Addresses:Foleshill Road, Carpenters Lane
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Angel Station St WestThis is a sign used since the Middle Ages reflecting the connection between religious establishments and travellers' inns and hostels at that time. This was originally a farmhouse, which perhaps explains its position in a sort of no man's land behind the General Wolfe and between Foleshill Road and Station Street West. The first known reference to this pub is in the 1861 Cenus, where the licensee, Olivia Hunt, is called a baker and retailer of beer, so at this date it was a beerhouse. It is also mentioned on 2nd March 1866 when an inquest was held there, buit does not appear in directories as a pub until 1892. It stands on what was once the Great Heath estate. Adjoining the pub were the pitches of the Lilywhite Sports Club, the official name of the Great Heath Football Club, who used the Angel as their dressing rooms. In 1901 the Foleshill Lilywhite fete was held on these fields but I am afraid I have no idea what the relevance of 'Lilywhite' is.


1861 Olivia Hunt, baker and retailer of beer 1892 - 1905 Mark Dalton 1909 William J. Lissaman 1911 - 1913 John Rollason 1913 - 1919 Alfred Chaplin 1921 J. Bishop 1924 - 1940 William Ward 1961 Leo Thompson 1968 - 1970 Glyn Orchard 1985 George Hamilton


1961 - 1985 Ansells
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