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Coombe Abbey Inn, 21 Craven Street, Chapelfields

Coombe Abbey Hearsall Coombe Abbey Chapelfields was laid out on land belonging to Sir Thomas White's charity. Among the trustees of the charity at that time was the Earl of Craven who owned Coombe Abbey on the opposite side of the city. To 1850 this was the BEERHOUSE, 21 Craven Street, and on 11th October 1850 the Coombe Abbey Inn opened, with the licensee being Samuel Gibbs. To 1899 it was owned by Ratliff and on Phillips & Marriotts' take-over in 1899 it was valued at £1,200 including an adjoining cottage. In 1931 it advertised 'Prime ales and stouts. Finest brands in wines and spirits'.


LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE) 1850 Samuel Gibbs 1879 John Yardley LICENSEES: (the COOMBE ABBEY INN) 1850 - 1851 Samuel Gibbs 1861 - 1868 Mrs. Charlotte Soden 1871 William J.. Rain watchmaker 1874 - 1881 John Yardley, jeweller 1886 - 1893 James Bates 1894 - 1905 Edwin Wells 1905 - 1929 Mrs. E. Wells 1931 Thomas Pointer (see earlier at Humber Hotel in 1929) 1933 - 1934 L. Dutton 1937 - 1962 Ernest J. Gough 1963 - 1967 Wally Haydon (see later at the Earlsdon Cottage) John Herbert (see also Summerland Tavern, Hastings Tavern) 1977 - 1982 Ken and Theresa McKay (see below)


1871 Charlotte Holt 1871 Charles Holt 1874 - 1899 William Ratliff 1899 Phillips & Marriott
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