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Summerland Tavern, 49 The Butts

Alternative Addresses:Summerland Place
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
19811994FOB WATCH
Summerland Tavern This name is a reference to the common lands that once occupied the site. See the Broomfield Tavern. On 15th December 1837, this pub was advertised for sale with Mr. Edwards as tenant. In 1935 it was a Flowers pub. In 1981, whilst owned by Whitbread Flowers, it was renamed the FOB WATCH and in 1994 reverted to the SUMMERLAN TAVERN again.Then in 1999 it became the BUTTS RETREAT. Note the surprisingly few licensees in a century.
The Summerland Tavern later the Fob Watch and the Butt's Retreat
The rebuilt Summerland Tavern, later the Fob Watch and the Butt's Retreat.


1837 Mr. Edwards 1850 - 1851 Joseph Jelley 1868 - 1896 Benjamin Archer 1903 - 1940 William Alfred Sanders 1957 - c1967 Frank Woodward (see clipping above) c1967 John Herbert (see also Coombe Abbey Inn, Hastings Tavern)
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