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Crown and Anchor, Much Park Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Greyhound Much Park St This is the badge of the Lord High Admiral and also the arm-badge of the Royal Navy's petty officers. Retired seamen who became licensees were fond of the name. Eight soldiers were biletted here in 1756. This became the GREYHOUND (left), and from 1991 the JAILHOUSE. In 2010 it closed and has been demolished.


1835 - 1841 Thomas Ward 1850 - 1861 William Standbridge 1861 - 1905 Reuben Standbridge 1909 - 1919 Herbert R. Standbridge 1921 - 1927 S. Daffern 1929 A. R. Manley 1931 - 1932 A. C. Greenway 1937 - 1938 C. J. Jones 1939 - 1940 Mrs. M. H. Jones 1982 Craig Robinson
Crown and Anchor
Street plan of 1851
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