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Kenilworth Castle, 39 Hertford Street

Alternative Addresses:90 Hertford Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Photo The Kenilworth Castle is typical of many properties in Hertford Street in the early part of the century. This would have been a postcard produced for the proprietor, J.T. Woodward, who is proudly standing at the door. The Geisha Cafe can be seen to the right, this being a favourite meeting place for shoppers to have a cream cake and a cup of tea. The Kenilworth Castle closed in 1939, before the War started. The building survived the bombing but was demolished in 1965. The name comes from the nearby Kenilworth Castle. To 1841 this was the BARREL. In the 1861 Census it is called the HERTFORD COTTAGE. In 1912 the pub was photographed advertising Thornley's beers. It closed in 1939.


1841- 1845 James Ratliff 1850 - 1851 Henry Nichols 1868 W. Bromley 1871 Henry Smith 1874 M. A. Smith 1879 - 1881 Richard Pickering 1886 - 1891 J. Medlicott 1893 - 1896 Mrs. Elizabeth Medlicott 1903 - 1909 J. T. Woodward 1911 - 1913 Walter Gawthorp 1919 - 1922 Percy Wyatt 1924 - 1932 Bert Town 1935 - 1936 V. Grove 1937 - 1938 A. E. Farren 1939 - 1940 C. S. Fisher
Kenilworth Castle
Street plan of 1851
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