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Shamrock, 42 Sherbourne Street

Alternative Addresses:87 Spon Street
The shamrock is the national emblem of Ireland. See the BEERHOUSE, Sherbourne Street, Brown. In 1840 a wager of £2 was arranged here for a foot race between Carpenter and Smith and in 1842 an inquest was held at the pub. In 1907 the Police objected to the license, but it was renewed by the Justices. The Police appear to have got their man the next year though, as the pub closed c1908 and afterwards the premises was Adams the baker, then Eastmans butchers, then a hardare shop before being demolished during World War Two.


1850 - 1851 Samuel Brown innkeeper & watchmaker 1868 Alfred Brown 1871 Amelia Beer 1874 J. Beers 1879 Edward H. Walter 1881 - 1894 William Robinson 1903 - 1905 William S. Richards
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