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William IV, 65 Spon Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
William IV Spon St William IV (1765 - 1837) was the third son of George III. He joined the navy as a midshipman in 1779 and was soon a captain. He frequently disobeyed the orders of his superiors and violated the rules of discipline so he was never allowed to command a ship. Instead, in 1801 he was promoted to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet. In 1756, six soldiers were billeted here. This building was formerly a dye house which was converted to a pub called the JOINERS ARMS. In 1831 it was the KING WILLIAM INN before becoming the William IV. At one time it brewed its own beer as in 1960 the old brewery could be seen at the rear. It closed on 3rd April 1967.


1835 - 1841 Robert Bromley 1850 - 1851 Mary Vallance 1868 Charles Naylor 1871 Richard Matthews pallet maker & licensed victualler 1874 - 1881 A. Turville 1886 - 1891 Samuel Wilcox 1893 J. Bosworth 1894 - 1905 J. Athersuch 1909 Mrs. A. Reid 1911 - 1922 Miss Reid 1924 - 1934 R. Carter 1935 - 1940 C. Twyneham 1957 - 1960 Ted Morgan (see above and also Newdigate Arms, Hill Street in 1957)
William IV
Street plan of 1851
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