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Boadicea, 15 Market Place

Alternative Addresses:Market Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18291871BOARD, 14 Market Place, SIDWELLS
18741881STAR VAULTS, Market Street, STAR & BOARD
Market Place And Tower Until 1885 this was the STAR VAULTS, or STAR AND BOARD, 14 Market Place. The name is a reference to the Queen of the Iceni, the British Queen. In 1929 the license was surrendered with that of the Fountain, Cross Cheaping, and transferred to the Burnt Post, Kenpas Highway.


LICENSEES: (the BOARD) 1829 Thomas Grimes 1868 - 1871 David Sidwell(s) LICENSEES: (SIDWELLS) 1868 D. Sidwell LICENSEES: (STAR VAULTS) 1874 E. Wallen 1881 B. W. Hicks LICENSEES: (the BOADICEA) 1886 A Seymour 1890/91 J. Williamson 1893 Jack Lee 1894 - 1896 A. H. Frith 1903 - 1922 William H. Cleaver 1924 - 1927 A. Weston 1929 - 1932 B. Farrell
Street plan of 1851
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