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Russell Arms, 63 The Butts

Alternative Addresses:Summerland Place
Russell Arms Summerland Place Russell ArmsJohn Russell, 1st Earl Russell (1792 - 1878), was an English statesman who named the newly-formed Liberal Party and was twice Prime Minister, 1846-1852 and 1865-1866. The Russell family had been one of the principal Whig dynasties in England since the 17th century, and were among the richest handful of aristocratic landowning families in the country, but the younger son of John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford, was not expected to inherit the family estates. As a younger son of a Duke, he bore the courtesy title of 'Lord John Russell', but as he was not a peer in his own right he was entitled to sit in the House of Commons until he was made an Earl and moved to the House of Lords in 1861. The pub was opened in 1839 by John Essex. In 1851 this was the Beerhouse, 63 The Butts. The pub closed in 1968.


1839 - 1851 John Essex, watch manufacturer & victualler 1863 William Bickerton 1863 Reuben Deeming 1868 W. Hamman 1868 - 1878 Thomas Essex, watch finisher & victualler 1878 - 1879 Francis Lynes 1879 - 1880 William Edwards 1880 - 1890 Alfred Ward 1890 - 1909 Sam (T.) Miles 1911 - 1913 Harry Jukes 1919 - 1922 William Ward 1924 H. Laugharne 1926 - 1929 R. O. Jones 1931 - 1938 A. H. Webb 1939 - 1940 H. H. Davis 1956 - 1968 Kathleen Clowes (see the Hop Pole, Leicester Row, Gosford Park, Northfield Road and Radford Hotel, Radford Road with late husband Herbert Joseph Clowes)


1878 Timothy Bennett, Harnall Lane, Coventry later Mr Bennett, Foleshill Road, Coventry 1898 Atkinsons Limited, Cox Street.
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